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Jay Denee Naturals

For Jayda

My mom had four children all 10 years apart except my sister. She was born when I was 21. Different in all ways is what she is. Jayda suffered with eczema in her scalp to the point where her hair began to fall out. I felt that I had failed her being a licensed Cosmetology teacher and not being able to find a product for her. I went to a festival and then it clicked. I would create a product for her naturally that worked. The product had worked so well that her peers' parents started asking where they could purchase it. From there I decided that I would create a company. During the process of creating this there were so many people that asked me for other things that I had no idea how I would begin to make it, however I learned and created a company that services the body from head to toe and something for the home. So, from my hands to yours, may you find peace and tranquility with each item that you take with you.

I dedicate this to Jayda. Without your eczema I would have never honed my gift.

Peace and Blessings, Dominque ​


Jay Denee' Salon

We are a salon that specializes in hair and personal care. All of our items are hand crafted with you in mind for the best possible and unique combination for your skin, hair, body and home. Browse our site to find all that you are looking for; from soaps, to butters, to candles and more. We have options to care for the hair, skin, beard and body. Come have a service done and shop in our aromatic section full of candles and sages.  From my heart and hands to your, May you find peace and tranquiltiy in everthing that you recive from us.

About The Owner

Dominque Byard is a licensed cosmetology Instructor born and raised is Philadelphia, PA. At the age of five she had learned her God given talent was braiding. She would braid her dolls hair and transitioned to braiding her family and close friends' hair. She graduated from Berean Institue and then went on to graduate from Empire Beauty school both at the top of her class. She decided when she graduated to be a teacher. Teaching and continuing to learn she found she had a knack for things and always wanted to get her hands into something. She left teaching to later work for Sephora as a teacher for their SUBC classes and then transitioned to Ulta. After long years of working for others and making a product line in honor of her sister, she decided to step out on faith and open her own salon where she would be able to service people and make products for them as well. She has been told she is a kindhearted, giving, loving and genuine person.

" I thank everyone whom I've met that helped me towards my goals in life through their support." -Dominque


Dominque Byard

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Owner, Creator, Cosmetologist

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