Rose Tonic

Rose Tonic


The time has come to hydrate and glow up! Our Rose tonic is created for our people with normal to dry skin. The aloe juice and witch hazel blend allows the skin to breath and remove any free readicals left behind on the skin. This tonic provides vitamin C and binds moisture to the skin. Great for irritated, tired, dull skin. Add this to your skincare line or use our entire line. This can be used to refresh the skin or to set your makeup. 


6oz- 3 month supply


Ingredients: Aloe Vera Juice, Witch Hazel, Rose Petals, Rose Hips, Lavender and Chammomile Essential Oil


Directions: After cleansing pat some of the water off your skin. Spray a mist across your face and press into the skin. Follow up with our face oil and moisturuzer.