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Sore Muscle Relief

Last post of the month for national fitness week. This one can be used every night. This is going to help with those sore muscles so you can get up and get back to the workout.

Ingredients: Glass or PET jar with a lid, 2oz Himalayan Salt, 1oz Epsom Salt, 1oz Dead Sea Salt, 2oz Almond oil, 1oz Olive oil, Marjoram and Lemon Essential oils, Mixing bowl and spoon

Directions: Place salts in a bowl and stir together. Add oil and mix well. Add 15 drops of Marjoram and 6drops of Lemon essential oils. stir together. Transfer into jar and close, Store in the bathroom.

To Use: Apply up to 1oz into a hot bath. Soak for at least 30 minutes. While soaking be sure to rub and massage your sore muscles. follow with a moisturizer containing muscle relief essential oils.

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