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Skin Care

Skin care is a very important part of our lives. We go on day to day with harsh chemicals, the environment and even us occasionally abusing it from time to time. We have to protect our skin, not just because its the largest organ on the body. Its also the thinnest. This blog will take you through causes and treatments for the skin. It is important that the skin has a daily regimen to keep everything balanced and in place. Everything that we do shows up on our skin and we want it to look beautiful, especially the face. We have taken the time to dedicate some options on our website for the skin. These items can be found in our face care section of the website. Take a look around find what's best for you to add to your routine or start over with a new one.

Dark Spots can be cause by many reasons. Melasma that is hormonal (usually happens during or after a woman's pregnancy). The suns rays can cause dark spots also known as liver spots. If you take medication please be aware that one side effect of certain medications are darkening of the skin. Other reasons could be from acne scarring, improper diet and improper use of make up products.

A simple treatment for dark spots is turmeric, lemon juice and frankincense essential oils

Acne can be caused for a multitude of reasons. Improper skin cleaning or lack of, improper diet, constant touching of the face or placing items on the skin that are not clean. Improper use of make up and hormonal imbalances also can flair up acne.

Treatments for acne include the use of tea tree oil, a honey and cinnamon mask, toner to balance the skin and most of all cleaning of the skin.

Dry Skin occurs when the normal process to regenerate new skin cells fail. Normally every 28 to 30 days your skin sheds and is replaced with a new layer. When your skin is dry the process occurs but the dead skin does not fall off. Exfoliation is going to be a great help for this. Try sugar and salt scrubs with essential oils like, rose, chamomile and lavender to keep the skin hydrated and smooth.

Oily Skin occurs when the body secretes more sebum than usual. The key to balance this skin type is to feed it the proper oils. Normally we think that because our skin is oily not to moisturize it. THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE!!! THE SKIN ALWAYS NEEDS MOISTURE! Use moisturizers that are light weight like Jojoba that mimics the skins functions and will reduce the sebum flow. Grapeseed and Sunflower oil work well for this too. You can use lemongrass and citrus essential oils to assist in reducing the oils in the skin.

Wrinkles can be caused by the sun, dehydration to the skin and body, smoking and facial movements. Some can not be avoided while others can. Use olive oil and consume bananas, carrots and ginger.

Regimen: AM and PM Cleanse, Tone, Oil or Serum Moisturize.

Scrub and mask on separate days up to three times a week.

Deep cleansers may be used on mask days. It is ok for night moisturizers to be a little heavier.

FUN FACT: The skin goes through a rejuvenation cycle at 2am. This is when the body replaces what was taken out of skin during the day. Drink water when you wake up to keep the cycle going.

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