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Sensitive Skin Toner and Regimen

This week we will focus on the sensitive skin. A lot of times we have sensitive skin, however we don't know what we are sensitive to. Sensitive skin reacts shorter than an allergy but quicker than irritation. Just to be clear sensitive skin is not an allergic reaction. Its a signal to let your body know that your skin, body, etc. cant handle the contents of a product. This recipe has been used for many people with sensitive skin. We hope that it will work for you too.

Ingredients: 5oz of Spring/ Distilled water, 2oz Witch Hazel, 1/2oz Jojoba oil, 1/2oz Apricot kernel oil, Chamomile, Rose, Neroli, Geranium, Lavender essential oil1 PET bottle with sprayer

Directions: Add water, witch hazel and oil. Shake well. Add 6 drops of Chamomile, 3 drops of Neroli, 2 drops of lavender and 1 drop of geranium essential oils and fold. Cleanse skin with pure castle soap and pat dry. Spray toner 6 to 8 inches away form skin and press toner into the ski using fingertips. Apply moisturizer. We recommend Jojoba oil for sensitive. (It is the only oils that mimics the skins moisture.)

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