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Rose Water Mask

Pink Clay also known as rose clay is a combination of white and red kaolin clays making it ideal for all skin types. By combining these two clays an action is performed within the clay that makes it the best clay to use to balance the skin.

One of the major benefits of rose clay is that it is ideal for sensitive and dry skin. It helps to calm and reduce irritation to the skin, soothes inflamed skin, reduces acne, minimizes blackheads and balance the skin's complexion. While rose clay is high in vitamin C making it ideal for all skin types, it replenishes natual minerals in the skin while renewing the elasticity and improving cell renewal. Enjoy the recipe we have for you today.

Ingredients: 2oz Rose Pink Clay, 1oz Rosehip Oil, 1oz Rose Water, Glass Storage Jar With Airtight Lid, Mixing Bowl, Spoon/Spatula, Rose or Geranium and Lemon Essential Oil (Optional)

Directions: Mix clay and oil in a bowl together, then add rose water and mix again. Add up to 16 drops of essential oils. Transfer into airtight container and place lid on.

To Use: Apply a thin even layer to clean dry face (skin can be slightly damp). Allow to sit until the clay hardens and rinse well. Follow with your normal skin care routine. Use up to three times a week.

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