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Raw Black Soap

Happy February Peace world. So we have decided to dedicated the month to a few different things. We will start with Raw Black Soap. This soap has been given a bad rep by most people. I feel that if they knew what was in it and how it worked they would have a different view.

This soap has been honed over the course of centuries in our Motherland Africa. Depending on which part of the Motherland it comes from will determine what's in it. The basic ingredients in the soap are; dried plantain skins and cocoa pod. These two ingredients are dried out in the African sun and placed in a clay over to assist in making potash (ashes soaked in water in a pot. This method was used for soap making before the industry came along, however the original method is still used today). From here the ingredients will differ. The second ingredients will be Shea or Cocoa butter and of course water. These ingredients are cooked together and stirred around the clock for 24 to 48 hours! WOW talk about team work. #ittakesavillage

Once the soap has come to the proper consistency it is place out into the African sun for 2 weeks to cure. Black soap in its rawest form comes in crumbles and has to be molded (second picture on the left) This is done by placing the soap in a mold with water and pressing it together. (This is really skillful... I have only been successful once.)

From here black soap can be turned into a sudsy shampoo (top pictures) or just bars (bottom pictures)

Raw black soap has been used over centuries in the Motherland as "The Birthing Soap" which basically means this soap was used once the children were born. This is an amazing soap that helps with skin ailments such eczema, psoriasis and dry skin. A magic soap to say for balancing out oily skin, assisting with acne treatments and the list goes on. Properly using black soap can help with any skin condition you may have. You must moisturize after using just like with anything. Your skin will definitely let you know. So here is the recipe!

Ingredients: Raw Black Soap, Raw Coconut Oil, Raw Shea Butter or Deame's Bettah Buttahs (any will do and are available for purchase here.)

Directions: Bathe with the Raw black soap (preferably use a cotton cloth). DO NOT SCRUB!! This soap has its own magic, it will slough off the dead skin itself. Rinse off and pat dry. Apply your selected moisturizer to the skin. Repeat Daily or twice a day. Results will vary depending on skin ailments. Safe for the face.

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