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Normal Skin Toner and Regimen

We have given you the recipes for dry, sensitive and oily skin. What if you have normal skin? What kind of toner would you use then? No worries we have got you covered. If you dont really know what normal skin is we will let you know. Normal skin is clean and free form breakout or congestion and has a slight moistness. Check out this recipe to add to your collection.

Ingredients: 1PET spray bottle, 2oz Spring/Distilled water, 2oz Witch Hazel, 1oz Jojoba or Vitamin E oil (make sure it is pure), 2drops each; Neroli, Cypress, Chamomile, Lavender and Frankincense

Directions: Add spring/distilled water, witch hazel and oil to bottle and shake well. Add essential oils and fold in. Start off by cleansing your skin with a liquid Castle soap. (Deame's Bettah Buttahs Castle soap in "Baby Love" is perfect for normal skin.) Rinse and pat dry. Spay toner and press into the skin so it can recive the moisture. Apply an oil to the skin for a moisturizer. (Almond and avacodo work really well for normal skin types.)

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