Moisture Pick me up

Give your hair a boost of hydration. This can be used for all hair types. This recipe is perfect to add to your routine and very simple.

Ingredients: 1oz Turmeric powder, 4oz Olive Oil (if your allergic substitute), Applicator Bottle, Plastic cap

Directions: Apply oil and turmeric to applicator bottle and shake well. Section hair into 4 and apply liberally to roots ends and scalp. Massage well and apply plastic cap. Let sit over night and follow up with your normal routine. For extremely dry brittle hair apply a small amount after routine as well. (Please make sure your shampoo and conditioner is sulfate and alcohol free)

#Moisture #Hydration #DeepCondition #Healthy #Turmeric #PrePooTreatment #MaskTreatment #PreCleanse #Hydrate

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