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Mask Me Away

Our skin is the biggest living organ on the body. We want to make sure we take great care of it. Masks are used to remove impurities from the skin. Use this fun and loving recipe anytime you want to get a great detox. It can also be used on the external parts of the body.

Ingredients: 2oz Bentonite clay (powder), 2oz French Green Clay (powder), 4oz Rose water, 1 PET free jar with a lid, 1 wooden spatula

Directions: Mix both clays together. Add Rose water 1oz at a time and mix. You will not need it all, so put the rest to the side to use as a toner. Cleanse face with your favorite face wash (I like raw black soap. It works for everything!). Pat skin dry and apply your clay mask. Let it sit until it hardens. When its time to rinse place your face under a hot water steam (this allows the clay to work better and also helps loosen it for removal). Change the water to the temperature you like (but not too hot) and rinse the mask. Pat access water off, saturate a cotton round with rose oil. Apply to the skin in an upward motion. Follow up with your daily moisturizer (I like to use oil because it seeps into the skin). This can be done up to three times a week. And great for people that wear makeup.

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