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Happy New Year

It's the new year and a new you! The first thing that everyone does is creates a resolution for the new year. That is perfectly fine and normal. We have to keep that momentum up moving into the third, sixth and tenth months. There is no reason why you should not keep up with whatever resolutions that you have started to put in play. The reason for us dropping our resolutions may be stress, family, work or even life as we know it. Whatever the resolution may be, we have a few tips to assist you on your way.

1. Take the time to celebrate accomplishments no matter how small. (5 minutes or 5 miles of something new take the time to celebrate)

2. Do not over work yourself. (Rest is an important factor and a key to proper health. Remember the saying "Health is Wealth")

3. Accept what you can't change. (You can't move a mountain. So what! What's meant for you will be for you.)

4. Make a to-do list everyday. (This helps keep track of tasks done and what needs to be done. It also helps prioritize necessity.)

5. Make daily rituals. (No matter how big or small these help you to set the tone for your day and create a better one for you)

6. Take time for yourself. (They don't make spas and books for no reason. Take time out and chill.)

7. Remember why you started everything. (Your goals are important. No one else has to believe or accept it but you)

8. The finish line does not have to be miles away. (Set realistic goals and a realistic date to complete them)

We at Deame's Bettah Buttahs wish everyone a joyous, healthy, prosperous New Year!!!

HAPPY 2022

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