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As the spring season exits and summer begins to approach we have to keep healthy options for our living. It is very easy to say "I'll start tomorrow." however for some of us tomorrow never comes. The most important thing about healthy living is to limit the amount of pollutants that you place into your body and replace healthier items. Limit the amount of meats you eat in a day. Start by cutting your meat portions in half and double up on your veggies. This allows you digestive system to work better. Don't be afraid to eat raw veggies. This is a perfect way to improve your digestive system. Switch to whole grains and avoid wheat if possible. Limit the soda and sugary beverage consumptions. This recipe will go great with every meal.

Ingredients: 1 Juicer, 1/2 pound of ginger, Spring or Alkaline water, Honey or Agave, Pot, Pitcher

Directions: Rinse ginger and put it through the juicer. Add 4 cups of water to the pot and allow it to boil. Add sweetener to your liking. Add ginger juice and stir. Allow to cool and enjoy hot or iced.

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