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Deame's Bettah Buttahs Butter Series 5

As we continue to discuss our butters and what makes each one so different than the other, take a few minutes to use our products and see how they feel on your skin for at least a week. It makes a difference and your skin will notice. While our butters have similar formulations, no two butters are alike, however you will receive the same one benefit form each them...…MOISTURE!!!!!

Golden Sand is a butter that is warm an earthy. It has notes of amber, musk and vanilla making it the perfect butter for anyone. I myself see couples purchase this scent all the time and share with each other. Musk helps to reduce anxiety and is great for meditation. It helps to reduce body odor, is strong enough to treat a cold and has anti inflammatory properties that makes it great for treating arthritis. Amber stimulates skin cells, helping them to breathe to maintain their firmness and elasticity. It warms, energizes and polishes the skin and assists with opening up clogged pores. Vanilla helps with hair loss and is a natural stimulant with its anti bacterial properties. Golden Sand Butter | Deamesbettahbuttahs

Amber is one of my person favorites. Its loaded with ylang ylang and amber with a hint of woods. This butter helps soothe this skin and is amazing for an at home massage when your body is achy. Ylang ylang that helps with keeping the skin clear, prevents signs of aging, fights eczema and other skin irritations and is very relaxing. Amber stimulates the skin and opens clogged pores so that skin can keep its firmness and elasticity. Amber Butter | Deamesbettahbuttahs

Lemongrass Sandalwood not only smells amazing, it is amazing. The balance of the essential oils in this butter makes it a great scent you can wear alone or pair with fresh scents. Lemongrass helps to brighten the skin and unclog pores. It has great antiseptic qualities making it ideal for skin use. It is also known for keeping the oil balanced in your skin as well. Sandalwood is known for its antiseptic properties and the promotion of healthy skin. It reduces blemishes and fights to keep the skin clear. Grapefruit has vitamins A and C to keep balance within the skin. Grapefruit has a high water content that allows your skin to retain moisture. Lemongrass and Sandalwood Butter | Deamesbettahbuttahs

Red Sandalwood is very intoxicating and sort of a natural aphrodisiac. Its blend of sandalwood and musk with a hint of spice makes it smell amazing and lure your partner to you. Sandalwood is greatly used for meditation and healing wounds on the skin. Its a mild exfoliant and helps prevent wrinkles in the skin. Musk is a known hydrator for the skin. It allows the skin to absorb the moisture it needs. Red Sandalwood Butter | Deamesbettahbuttahs

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