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Coconut Oil

Week three is all about coconut oil. We all think about this to moisturize our hair a skin with, however there are so many things you can do. Before we get into that lets talk about production. Coconut Oil is produced in the continents of Asia and Africa. The Philippines has one of the highest leading production of coconut oil. The production of coconut oil is complex simplicity. They start out but grabbing the ripe coconuts off the ground. They are husked, then cracked (this is usually done with two large rocks) and the juice is set aside for coconut milk and water. The meat of the coconut is cut out and placed in a pot and grated. Water is added and the mixture is placed on heat to boil. Once its boiled a milky texture is created. This mixture is strained with a cheese cloth (this can be done two times). The mixture is placed back on the heat and allow it to boil up until it bubbles and the oil comes to the top. A cloth is used to extract the oil from the coconut milk. This production is also done in Ghana and Nigeria. The difference between purchasing the oil from the Philippines and Africa is the smell. The Philippines is sweeter and Africa is bitter smelling due to the climate. Raw coconut oil melts at 76 degrees, so it needs to stay in a cool place.

Uses for coconut oil:

Cooking (make sure this is food grade)

Moisturizing the skin and hair

Skin, hair mask


Ingredients: 1tsp Coconut oil, 1tsp Baking soda

Directions: Apply baking soda and coconut oil in the palm of your hand and rub together to make a paste. Apply to the face in upward circular motion. Let sit for 30 seconds. Rinse clean and pat dry. If skin is dry follow up with a moisturizer. If skin is oily this should keep it balanced.

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