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Clay Mask

This Series we will focus on deep cleaning of the skin. We will talk about what's great for the skin and what's not so much. Clays are great for their deep cleansing abilities and how they assist to shrink pores and soothe this skin. We use clays in some of our soaps.

What we first need to define is our skin type. Hmmm how do do that? This is simple. If you skin never sweats or you moisturize and it just sucks it up you're dry. If you have shiny face all day no matter what it's oily. If you have shiny face and your skin feels tight its dehydrated. If you have a small amount of shine on the T-zone area (forehead to the nose) and the rest of the skin absorbs products properly its normal. No worries there is a mask for all skin types.

You can create masks in the privacy of your own home. To avoid mold and bacteria from growing into your products keep them refrigerated and don't forget to use them. You can make your own masks every 14 days. This mask if going to be for all skin types. we will touch on other skin types in the upcoming blogs.

Ingredients: 1tbsp each French Green, Rhassoul and Bentonite Clays, 1tbsp Grape Seed Oil, 1/4 cup Witch Hazel and/or Aloe Juice, 4oz Air tight container, mixing bowl and spatula.

Directions: Place grape seed oil, witch hazel/aloe juice in mixing bowl. Heat witch hazel/aloe juice and grape seed oil for 15 seconds. Add clays and mix until there is no lumps. Transfer into air tight container. Allow to cool completely before adding the lid. Refrigerate until ready to use. Mixture is good for 14 days. Use no more than 3 times a week along with your daily skin care regimen.

How to use: Apply a thin layer to clean slightly damp skin. Allow to dry completely. Rinse with warm water and follow up with your skin care routine.

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