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Arm Pit Detox

So lets talk about deodorant! There are many different kinds and many different scents to choose from. Lets start at the beginning. The first deodorant was created in the 9th century by a musician, revolutionist and entrepreneur named Abdul-Hasan Ali' Ibn Nafi' (also known as Ziryab). The issue with the first deodorant was that it didn't hold, so people were using the deodorant and masking the smell of body odor with perfumes. In 1888 the first antiperspirant was created but not patented or placed on the market until January 28, 1941. As time moved on, more deodorants were created and companies got bigger selling them. In the late 90's early 2000's someone gave us knowledge and said "Deodorant is not supposed to block sweat." This made us look at our antiperspirant and look into the ingredients. One main ingredient in antiperspirants in aluminum. Aluminum is to prohibit the perspiring of sweat from the underarms. This started to cause problems with people and their bodies. The aluminum was causing other areas of the bodies not to produce sweat too. This created an issue where people would get infections that were general (throughout the body) and local (in one area of the body). So now we move back to the natural deodorant without the aluminum. Listed below is a detox and a natural deodorant recipe we would like you to try.

Ingredients: 2oz arrowroot powder, 1oz baking soda, 1oz charcoal, 1.5oz shea or cocoa butter, 2oz coconut or babassu oil, container or old deodorant stick (sterilized), 1 Hemp soap, 1 loofah or konjac sponge, 2oz brown sugar, rosemary and bergamot, essential oils and whichever blend you would like.

Detox: This is best done in the winter time when no one can smell you sweat, but it is okay to do it in the other seasons. Start off with removing the hair from your armpits. The best solution is waxing and the worst solution is using depilatory creams and lotions. They leave a film on the skin after the hair is removed. Once the hair is removed you want to make sure you use the hemp soap with the loofah or konjac sponge. Let the exfoliators do their jobs. Don't press or scrub, or you will end up with a raw armpit. This is a gradual process. Continue this daily or twice daily (depending on how frequent you shower) for the next two weeks. The result should be a lighter smoother armpit. If you don't see these results you need to continue for an additional week or until all of the antiperspirant is removed from the armpit. You may use talc free powder to assist with keeping you dry. If you are a heavy sweater, take wipes with you to refresh throughout the day.

Scrub: This scrub can be used in conjunction with the detox up to 3 times a week. place brown sugar in a bowl, add 1oz of coconut or babassu oil, 3 drops of rosemary, 2 drops of bergamot and your essential oil blend. Mix well and place in a PET container. Apply to armpits in a circular motion. Let sit for 5 minutes and rinse well.

Natural Deodorant: Pre-soften the cocoa or shea butter buy heating it on a double broiler stirring frequently. Remove when soft and creamy but not melted. Add coconut or babassu oil and stir. Add arrowroot powder, charcoal and baking soda, stirring after each item. Add 20 drops of rosemary and bergamot oil and mix well. If this is not the fragrance you want then add your fragrance over this and mix well. The rosemary and bergamot is essential to keep your armpits free of bacteria and help the deodorant stick together. Transfer into your container and refrigerate overnight. Remove and let stand for at least 2 hours. Do not re-heat this. Use and enjoy.

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