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Mask Me Acne

Have you ever went to bed with clear skin and woke with a face full of congestion? We have all been there. If you have acne prone skin, are prone to breakouts, and pores are clogged all the time here is the perfect mask for you!

Ingredients: 1oz Black Kaolin Clay, 1oz Activated Charcoal, 4oz Floral Water (preferably lemongrass but rose will work also), PET Jar, Wooden Stick to stir

Directions: Mix Black kaolin clay and activated charcoal together. Add Floral water 1oz at a time until the mixture is wet but not too loose. Cleanse skin with a hydrating cleanser, rinse and pat dry. Apply a thin layer of Mask Me Acne to the skin and allow to dry. Let hot water run to make a steam and stick your face in the steam to loosen the mask. Turn water to desired temperature and rinse off. Pat dry and use a cotton round or your hand and apply floral water. Follow up with a moisturizer. (If you are using any type of oils, grape seed works best for keeping oil flow down.)

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