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Extra Hydrating Pre-Poo Conditioning Treatment

Winter is slowly approaching and we cant afford to let our wool sweaters, hats, coats and harsh environment get the best of our luxurious hair. Here is a recipe to keep everything in line and you can still wear your warm and cozy wool.

Ingredients: 1oz Almond oil, 1oz Castor oil, 1oz Black seed oil, 1oz Rosehip oil, 1tbsp Neem Powder, 8oz Applicator bottle, plastic cap, scarf (an older one will work best)

Directions: Apply Neem Powder to the bottom of the bottle. Add oils and fold in. Part hair into four section and comb through. Apply oil to scalp first horizontally, then vertically. Repeat each section and apply the remaining to the hair strands. Place plastic cap over head and apply scarf. Allow to sit overnight and follow up with you normal shampoo routine. (Please make sure your shampoo is sulfate free and conditioner is alcohol free)

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