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10 Uses for Liquid Castle Soap

Liquid Castle soap is made from 1 ingredient: Saponified Olive Oil. So here is at least 10 things you can do with liquid castle soap!!!!

1. Body soap, shower gel or bubble bath

Get clean with castle soap all over or indulge in a bubble bath

2. Shampoo

Cleanse your hair and scalp with this! What a wonderful way to have soft shiny manageable hair

3.Dish detergent

Ran out of dish detergent. No problem Castle soap will clean them

4.Laundry detergent

Laundry detergent too itchy for your skin due to dyes and harsh chemicals. Replace it with Castle soap

5. Face Cleanser

Start your daily skin care regimen with castle soap. very gentle and helps with breakouts

6.Floor Cleaner

Mop the floors with Castle soap. It would be much safer to eat off them.

7.Tub Cleaner

Gets your tub shiny and new

8.Shampoo for Carpets

1/4 cup is all you need to shampoo carpets of one room

9. Cleaner for cloth couches

Dilute 15 drops in warm water and wipe your favorite couch down

10. All around cleanser for babies

Castle soap is so gentle we can use it for our new born babies

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